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About Us

Friends of the Disabled Society (FDS) was registered with the Registry of Societies as a non-profit organization on 20 December 2000 (Registration no. ROS 247/2000 WEL). Presently, the activities of the Society are supported by free-will contributions of well-wishers.

Brief History

Ten years prior to the registration of the Society, a group of ladies felt that more could be done to enrich the lives of the disabled. Hence, they began to organize annual Christmas parties for the disabled, roping in other able-bodied volunteers as well. As years passed and friendships were forged between the volunteers and the disabled, they began to be committed to the idea of creating an organization that could cater to the emotional, social and physical needs of the disabled on a greater level. Since September 2000, the society has been conducting its social interaction program; the bi-monthly karaoke sessions at an approved premise and bowling sessions at Bowling Centres have been met with success. From 2000, it has also been able to bring the Disabled Friends for recreational outings to places such as the Singapore Zoological Gardens, a Singapore Technologies sponsored Farm visit, and recently even to a get-together at Aloha Loyang Resort. Friends of The Disabled Society also retains its annual Christmas party on top of other annual celebrations.

In addition, under its Home Visitation program, the society visits at least six disabled Friends each month. Apart from providing staple food items for needy families, the visits enable members of the Society to get to know the disabled as well as their families better. Over the years, it has been able to render aid when disabled friends face domestic problems and has even served as a mediator between them and other official organizations so as to address difficulties they face.

The Skills Enrichment Program has likewise progressed over the years. It provides an avenue for the disabled Friends to equip themselves with skills in handicraft and jewelry-making while interacting with able-bodied volunteers. The disabled are also encouraged to harness entrepreneurial skills through being engaged in authorized public sales. This helps boost their confidence, taps on their creativity and at the same time endows them with practical skills that teach them how to be self-sufficient.

Friends of the Disabled Society has grown from its humble beginnings and seeks to continue to nurture their relationships with the disabled Friends through expanding existing programs and exploring other avenues in the future.